Protecting the fragile Baltic sea is a common matter

As much as 2/3 of vessels operating in the Baltic sea legally discharge their ship generated waste into the sea, even though this is known to eutrophicate the vulnerable Baltic sea.

Especially international cargo ships do not always have adequate information about the No Special Fee -payment system applied in Baltic ports whereby vessels are charged a waste fee when they visit a Baltic port regardless the vessel has left any waste at the port or not.

In co-operation with various actors, the Baltic Sea Action Group wants to increase the awareness of the delicate environment of the Baltic sea and the No Special Fee -payment system. For its own part, Port of Kemi Ltd. wants to help protect the environment and the Baltic sea and to encourage the vessels to benefit the No Special Fee -payment system.

Baltic Sea Action Group’s publication about the No Special Fee can be read here.

More information about the Port of Kemi Ltd waste management can be found here.

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