Port of Kemi provides flexible, high quality services while taking the customer's needs into account. Versatile loading equipment make port of Kemi a convenient import and export port suitable for all kinds of cargo. In addition to dense liner traffic, Port of Kemi also has strong expertise in handling heavy mining cargo and demanding project cargo.

Port of Kemi provides expert services to fulfill the needs of various customers. The enclosed and guarded port area has plenty of storage space and various storage fields for both short-term and long-term storage.

Port of Kemi provides also high quality port and vessel traffic services, as well as access control and security services in accordance with the ISPS-code regulations. In addition, Port of Kemi takes care of the construction and maintenance work of the port areas and piers, as well as the roads, railroads and buildings owned by Port of Kemi.

Administrative tasks are also a part of operations of Port of Kemi. The operations are conducted by certified management system consisting of safety, quality and environmental management system standards of which the organisation has committed to follow. Administrative services, such as development of the port, marketing, customer relations and authority relations are managed in the Port Office, tel. +358 16 258 103.