The Northern route to the world

The shortest route to Northern Scandinavia and Russia - as well as regular shipping line to Europe and over the ocean - is through Port of Kemi.

The Northernmost general harbor of Finland

Port of Kemi locates in the middle of all routes, the port is easily attainable by sea, land or rail. The quality port services enables to load many kinds of goods in accordance with the customer’s needs.
Welcome to Port of Kemi!

Moving within the port area

Moving within the port area is always subject to authorisation. There is a lot of traffic in the port – pedestrians, various machines and cranes. In order to ensure safe and smooth traffic please read the instructions for moving within the port area.

Moving within the port area

Wide range of port activities

Port of Kemi provides a variety of logistics services in cooperation with expert operators, shipping agencies and other service providers.

Port services