Instructions Safety and ISPS

Safety in the Port of Kemi

Ensuring safety is a common matter for everyone moving within the port area. Port of Kemi follows national and international safety regulations as well as the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety standards, and continuously aims to improve its safety operations.

General safety instructions of Port of Kemi

  • The port area is entered through the main gate. Access permit is required for entering the port area, the permit can only be issued by Port of Kemi or a party authorised by it.
  • Persons entering or moving within the port area must be able to verify their identity when asked.
  • The speed limit in the port area is 30km/h. Follow the traffic and guide signs on the area.
  • When moving within the port area, a CE-marked high-visibility clothing must be worn. A helmet must be worn in the quay area and when working on task where there is a risk of head injury.
  • When driving to loading and unloading docks marked routes must be used.
  • Trains and working machines must be yielded when moving within the port area.
  • Trash must be brought to designated trash containers.

Ensuring safety is a common assignment for everyone moving or working within the port area, notify your supervisor or the port security immediately of any potential deviations, tel. +358 40 548 2065.


ISPS (International Ship and Port facility Security code) is a set of guidelines set forth by the International Maritime Organisation, which aims to increase maritime safety on ships and ports.

The safety procedures and regulations of Port of Kemi meets the requirements of ISPS and other national and international safety regulations. The ISPS area is enclosed space and equipped with camera surveillance.

Read more about the ISPS code and its requirements at the IMO:n website.