Transport Moving within the port area

Moving within the port area is always subject to authorisation and requires an access permit admitted by Port of Kemi. Entering the port area without a valid reason is forbidden.

The access permits to the port area are granted at the Ajos Gate Office, the office is open mon-fri 6.00 – 16.00. At other times the access permits are granted by the port security, tel. +358 40 548 2065. The access permit can also be applied online.

Entering the port area

Vehicles are identified at the gate of the port area from the license plate or a remote identifier (construction vehicles and machines, authorities etc.) admitted by the port security. The remote identifier can be acquired at the Ajos Gate Office by filling the forms needed.

When approaching the port area, obey the speed limits and traffic regulations. Slow down when arriving at the gate so the camera can read the license plate of the vehicle or register the remote identifier. The camera reads best a clean license plate, especially during winter time it is recommended to brush off accumulated snow or excess dirt from the plate before entering the identification point.

If the identification is unsuccessful, follow the green traffic light that guides to the parking area on the right. Contact the port security by phone +358 40 548 2065 or visit the Gate Office.

It is strictly forbidden to enter the port area with the identification of a vehicle in front or behind you. When the port opens for the vehicle in front of you, slow down at the identification point so that the camera can read your identification details as well.

Moving within the port area

CE marked, high-visibility safety clothing must be worn when moving within the port area. A protective helmet must be worn at the quay area and when moving or working in an area where is a risk of a head injury. Use of safety shoes is recommended. The speed limit at the port area is 30 km/h and normal traffic rules and regulations apply.

At the port area, parking is allowed only in designated parking areas. Pay attention to construction machines and vehicles within the area and yield as needed. Also pay special attention when moving near the corners and doorways of warehouses. The port area has train track crossings that do not have warning devices, special attention is needed at these points, a train does not yield to other traffic.

Pay attention to surroundings when moving on foot or by bike, it is difficult to detect pedestrians and cyclists from large construction machines. CE marked, high-visibility clothing must be worn also when moving within the port area on foot or by bike. Do not use your mobile phone while moving in the port area.