Instructions Waste management

Waste management at the Port of Kemi

Port of Kemi takes care the of the port area's basic waste management as well as the ship waste management and the waste management of its own properties. Waste collection stations can be found at the port of Ajos and oil harbour. At the port area, the waste collection stations are located next to the quays.

The watercourse of Gulf of Bothnia and the whole Baltic Sea is very vulnerable. For its own part, Port of Kemi preserves Baltic Sea by ensuring that the waste from vessels and port operators are managed properly. In the port area, it is required that the waste management instructions of Port of Kemi are obeyed. Abrogation of the waste management instructions results to liability to compensate the costs caused to Port of Kemi.

The waste is sorted in the waste containers at the waste collection stations. At the collection stations there are waste sorting instruction signs to help the sorting, and also the waste containers are marked with information on what kind of waste the container is suitable for. Additional information can be found from the waste management instructions of Port of Kemi, and if necessary the port security can help with the sorting.

Waste management instructions of port of Kemi

Waste collection stations in port of Kemi

Vessel waste

According to the Finnish legislation, the master of the vessel or a person appointed by him must submit a notification confirmed by Finnish Transport and Communications Agency regarding the waste and cargo residues on board no later than 24 hours before arriving at the port, or immediately after departing from the previous port, if the travel time is less than 24 hours. Vessels must deliver all the waste and cargo residues on board to the collection stations of the port.

Liquid waste

Liquid waste must be delivered to the port security in a sealed, tight container, which is clearly marked with the contents of the container and the originating vessel.

Hazardous waste

Port of Kemi has one waste collection station for hazardous waste. Hazardous waste is only accepted upon order, the order must be made to the port security no later than 24 hours before the delivery of the waste. E.g. batteries, fluorescent lights, chemicals and other liquid waste are hazardous wastes.

Pharmaceutical waste

Pharmaceutical waste from vessels is to be sorted, carefully packed and delivered to the agent of the vessel or to the port security. The pharmaceutical waste package must contain a catalog of the contents, signed by the master of the vessel.

Grey waters

A notification to the port security must be submitted at least 24 h before delivering grey waters. In Port of Kemi, the grey water discharging points are in port of Ajos, on quays 2 and 3.

Waste disposal fees

All vessels calling at the port must pay the waste disposal fee. However the waste disposal fee is not charged from vessels which have been granted an exemption by the Finnish Transport Agency from the obligation to deliver vessel generated waste.

Excluding hazardous waste, a waste disposal fee is charged as:

waste disposal                                                                         0,14 €/ net tonnage of the vessel

minimum charge                                                                     60,00 €/vessel

If the shipping company or the vessel is not exempted from the obligation to leave vessel generated oily waste, a fee for vessel generated oily waste is charged as:

vessel generated oily wasteu                                            0,33 €/nt

minimum charge                                                                     240,00 €/vessel

If the amount of vessel generated oily waste to be disposed is more than 20 tn, the exceeding part will be charged according to actual costs. If the vessel has been exempted from the obligation to leave vessel generated oily waste and yet leaves such waste in the harbour, Port Of Kemi Ltd. will charge the actual costs for handling and transportation of the waste.

Matters concerning waste management, please contact

Jukka Kotajärvi
Traffic manager
tel. +358 40 504 0466

Port security 24 h
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