Port of Kemi Weather at the port

Varying seasons

Although the northern weather varies, the conditions for seafaring in Kemi and the Gulf of Bothnia are good all year round. Port of Kemi has prepared for the varying conditions by strong expertise and appropriate set of equipment.

Regardless the varying weather conditions, port of Kemi is open for traffic year-round. The bright Northern summers create an ideal conditions for port operations and the mild autumns keep the sea unfrozen for a long time. The Gulf of Bothnia begins to freeze usually in December. Depending on the spring, the solid ice cover starts to get thinner and break apart in March-April and the last bits of ice usually melts during May.

Although the sea is frozen for long, it doesn’t disturb the traffic to the port of Kemi. The state-owned ice breakers keep the main sea routes open and the port area is maintained by the reliable ice breakers and tug boats of Arctia Karhu Ltd.