Port of Kemi Media

The material here is meant for the use of the associates and customers of Port of Kemi as well as the press. Please note that all the material is the property of Port of Kemi and the source should be mentioned where possible.

Brochures and advertisements

Photographing at the port area

Taking photos in the port area is always subject to authorisation. Permission is usually grantes for a short period of time and on single occasion.

The same safety rules apply for photographers in the port area as for others moving within the area. CE-marked, high-visibility clothing and in certain situations a helmet is required in the area. Protective equipment can be borrowed from the Port Office.

Applying for a photographing permit

A photographing permit is applied with a freely formed application, which includes the phone number, first and last name of the applicant and the name of the company the applicant works for. The application must also contain the total number of people of the photographing group, the purpose, time, location and estimated duration of the photographing. The application can be send via email to traffic manager Jukka Kotajärvi or to harbor master Eero-Pekka Svärd.


Matters related to media materials, please contact

Hannu Tikkala
CFO, marketing
tel. + 358 40 834 4953

Matters related photographing and photographing permits, please contact

Jukka Kotajärvi
Traffic Manager
tel. + 358 40 504 0466

Eero-Pekka Svärd
Harbor master
tel. +358 40 648 2728