Services Ice breaking and towing services

In the port of Kemi, the ice breaking and towing is taken care by Arctia Karhu Ltd.

Approximately 500 vessels visit Port of Kemi yearly, the visits are distributed quite evenly throughout the year. In the North, the sea is frozen for a long period of time, it is important that the port can provide ice breaking and towing services for the vessels.

With cooperation of a reliable service provider, Port of Kemi wants to ensure year-round fluent maritime transport. In Kemi, the ice breaking and towing operations are performed by Arctia Karhu Ltd, which provides the services also in Tornio in port of Röyttä. In the Gulf of Bothnia, Arctia Karhu operates with the new harbor icebreaker M/S Ahto as well as icebreakers M/S Jääsalo and M/S Ulla.

Arctia Karhu operates mainly on water areas managed by Port of Kemi. The main sea routes maintained by the Finnish Transport Agency are operated by Arctia Icebreaking Ltd.


Usually, ice breaking and towing services are ordered by the pilot or the agent of the vessel.

More information about the ice breaking and towing services can be inquired from contact persons of Arctia Karhu.


Arctia Karhu’s new (valid from 15.11.2020) tariffs by vessel: