Administration of port Of Veitsiluoto will end

Port Of Kemi Ltd.’s administering in port of Veitsiluoto will end on 10.10.2023.

Port Of Kemi Ltd. has administered the port of Veitsiluoto and provided the vessel- and maintenance services according to the agreement signed already on 1959 by Port Of Kemi and Stora Enso, then called the public utility of port of Kemi and Veitsiluoto Ltd. After Stora Enso closed the Veitsiluoto paper mill down in September 2021, the marine traffic of the port of Veitsiluoto changed. In the negotiations between Stora Enso and Port Of Kemi Ltd. it was agreed to end the administering agreement by 10.10.2023, after which the port of Veitsiluoto will be administered by Stora Enso.


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