The year has started promisingly for port of Kemi

The year 2022 has started promisingly for port of Kemi. The traffic continues strong and the expansion of the port in proceeding as scheduled.

– Naturally, the shutdown of the Stora Enso Veitsiluoto paper mill in the end of last year has decreased the paper export and the filler import traffic, says Markku Rautio, the CEO of Port of Kemi Ltd. and continues – On the positive side, the traffic of metal concentrates is increasing as well as the customers interest in the port and the services it is offering.

-The largest expansion project of the history of port of Kemi will bring challenges for the financing for Port of Kemi for few years, but once the project is finished and the Metsä Fibre’s new bioproduct mill is running, the financial situation will improve significantly says Hannu Tikkala, the CFO of Port of Kemi Ltd. -During next summer, there will be many kinds of interesting cargo operated in port of Kemi, such as, like previous summers, transportations related to renewable energy, Tikkala adds and Rautio continues: – Even though Kemi Shipping, the biggest operator of the port, is concentrating only to the needs of its new owner Metsä Group, there are other operators offering quality services at the port. So, the transportation and handling of all kinds of cargo in port of Kemi continues in the same way as so far.

The Port of Kemi’s digitalization project continues also as planned and it is seen as one of the most significant aspect bringing future competitiveness for the port. With the help of digitalization for example a better situation awareness can be brought to use and the ports performance can be ensured even in the possible state of emergency of society. -The digitalization project has proceeded as scheduled, in the physical building of the network a lot has been wrapped up already, Ritva Torikka, the project manager of Port of Kemi’s digitalization project, sums up.

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