Port of Kemi Ltd. adopts EDZCOM’s Edge Connectivity solutions

Digitalization enables full situational awareness and safer operations.

EDZCOM and Port of Kemi Ltd. have joint operations to build a private network for Finland’s northernmost general harbour, to which all port’s operators and visitors can connect.  The cooperation enables the digitization of the port operations, creating safer, smoother, and more reliable procedures for all port users.

EDZCOM, Europe’s leading provider of Edge Connectivity, will supply a bespoke network solution to meet Port of Kemi’s expansion needs. Through EDZCOM’s private networks, port of Kemi can ensure smooth operations even in critical situations.

The private network will be constructed in phases, as the port of Kemi is going through significant renovations during the next two years. First, EDZCOM will install the mobile core and first base stations in the port area. Once, Port of Kemi Ltd.’s additional network infrastructure improvements are completed, EDZCOM will add a second mobile core and additional base stations to the port area to increase network redundancy. The private network implementation will start in October 2021.

High-speed connections enable operations even in unprecedented circumstances

As harbors digitalize, hundreds of devices communicate over the same network, requiring higher transmission speeds, data connections, and lower data transmission delays. The autonomous on-site networks provide business resiliency against unforeseen situations that might result in network or data outages and enable seamless communication through proper indoor and outdoor coverage for vehicles in the harbor area.

“Port of Kemi Ltd strives to be a pioneer in the development of a real-time information environment with the best usability and security available. It is vital that we can operate even in unprecedented circumstances. EDZCOM’s private networks enable the flow of information quickly and safely throughout the port area,” says Markku Rautio, CEO of Port of Kemi Ltd.

“It is a great pleasure to work with Port of Kemi and develop an optimal private network for their needs. Our focus has always been to provide cutting-edge technologies to suit the changing needs of our customers. We believe that private networks bring even greater benefits, especially to operators such as Port of Kemi, which requires continuity in critical operations, efficient financial management and guaranteed security,” says Antti Pehkonen, Sales Manager at EDZCOM.

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EDZCOM in brief

Edzcom, a Cellnex Company, is the European market leader in Edge Connectivity specialised in designing, building, and operating private wireless network solutions for the enterprise customers, with a focus on business-critical operations. Edzcom operates in Northern Europe, France, UK, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands and continues rapidly growing.

 Edge Connectivity solutions offer high-performance wireless connectivity for enterprise resource planning, automation, robotics, connecting an unprecedented volume of machines, IoT sensors and real-time remote monitoring to drive cost-efficiency and improve quality. Edzcom brings a single point of contact to designing, building and operating a tailored private wireless network, deploying best practices and technologies to become the long-term partner of each enterprise and help them achieve their digitalisation goals.


Port of Kemi in brief

Port of Kemi provides reliable and cost-effective port services tailored to the customer’s needs without compromising on quality.

Port of Kemi is easily accessible by sea, land or rail. The frequent liner shipping to Europe and regular connections to ocean liners provide versatile possibilities for shipping all over the world. The port has a direct rail connection to the government’s main rail of Kemi and a short, fast route to the E75 main road which goes through Finland. Of all the ports in Finland, Port of Kemi provides the fastest route to northern parts of Finland and Scandinavia, as well as to the Murmansk Region in Russia.


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