Metsä Fibre is constructing a new bioproduct mill in Kemi

On Thursday 11.2.2021 Metsä Fibre made a long expected final investment decision of the bio product mill. According to the decision, Metsä Fibre will construct in Kemi the largest wood refining facility of the northern hemisphere.

The investment decision also effects port of Kemi; in the port, a large-scale building and dredging work is to be done for the shipping of the new mill’s products.

-The final investment decision of bio product mill was a long-awaited decision which will increase significantly not only port of Kemi’s but also the Southern Lapland’s and Northern Finland’s competitiveness and the decisions’ positive impact will last for decades, rejoices Markku Rautio, the CEO of Port of Kemi.

Logistically port of Kemi influences the Northern Finland and widely outside the Finnish borderlines. As a general port, port of Kemi provides a wide variety of services for import and export of goods.

-This investment decision offers excellent framework for developing the port as well as creating new customer relationships. For our existing customers, the enlargement of the port and the deepening of the fairway are creating the opportunity for more cost-efficient and even wider variety of services that the port can provide for them in the near future Markku Rautio tells and adds -And it is good to remember that port of Kemi is a general harbor, this investment decision will benefit all our customers, not just Metsä Fibre.


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