Port of Kemi Ltd. prepares for the investments of the bioproduct mill

The city council and the executive commitee of city of Kemi have admitted a warranty of loan for Port of Kemi for the investments related for the Metsä Fibre's bioproduct mill planned to be built in Kemi.

Port of Kemi’s cost estimate for the investments is approximately 43 million euros, of which 80 % was the subject of the warranty. Earlier in September, the executive commitee of the city of Kemi approved the warranty of loan, now also the city council approved it.

– The cost of the investment seems big when put into perspective of turnover of Port of Kemi, but it is also a huge opprtunity which benefits not only the city of Kemi and it’s neighboring communities but also the northern Finland and the North Calotte. The new bioproduct mill will use port of Kemi as main port for import and export. The investment also enables even bigger vessels to visit port of Kemi and it brings new opportunities for forest industry as well as for mining industry says Markku Rautio, the CEO of Port of Kemi Ltd.

The investment divides into three parts: building a new, over 400 meters long quay, dredging of the Ajos dock as well as building of the new infrastructure of the quay area.

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