Cruise ship visiting Kemi on July

Cruise ship M/S Silver Spirit visited Kemi on 30.7.2018. Large, 200 meters long arrived to Kemi from Rauma, earlier in Finland the ship had also visited Turku.

At the port, the ship and its passengers were welcomed by sailor elf Puhuri, who brought greetings from the Santa Clause with him. The ship had a crew of 380 persons and 540 international passengers, part of the passengers took the day to explore the city of Kemi, others took a day trip to Rovaniemi. In Kemi, among other things a Sea Fair was arranged for the passengers by the Gemstone Gallery in the old inner harbor.

In the end of the day, the Silver Spirit continued its journey to Luleå Sweden.

M/S Silver Spirit Ajoksessa 30.7.2018 
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