New certificate for Port of Kemi Ltd.

Port of Kemi Ltd. introduced new ISO 45001 occupational health and safety standard.

Looking after occupational health and safety issues is one of Port of Kemi’s essential values. New ISO 45001 standard defines the guidelines for occupational health and safety in organisations of all sizes. It also emphasizes the leadership by heightening the administration’s responsibility of better occupational well-being and decreasing of occupational accidents.

Markku Rautio, the CEO of Port of Kemi is pleased with the quality-, environment as well as occupational health and safety standards of Port of Kemi. “These certificates indicate Port of Kemi’s long-term investments in developing the organisation and meeting the needs of the customers without compromising on quality. Adding extra value to customer by becoming the safest, most flexible high quality general port in Finland is part of the Port of Kemi’s long-term strategy” Rautio says.

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