European Union granted CEF funding to Port of Kemi

Port of Kemi Ltd. has received European Union’s CEF funding for its ”Improving safe maritime access, port infrastructure and connectivity of a remote region, Kemi, Finland – 21-FI-TG-ARCTIC ACCESS” project.

The project includes the improvement and indemnification of the sea fairway and the port infrastructure as well as development of the connections between the sea and road transportations. The funding European Union is now granting, aims to secure the performance and competitiveness of the northern industry.

Port of Kemi rejoices the granting decision and is glad that the importance of the development of the European Union’s northernmost general harbour as a part of the comprehensive TEN-T network is acknowledged. Markku Rautio, the CEO of Port of Kemi Ltd. characterises the funding now granted as an appreciated award of a long-haul and wants to commend the personnel of Port of Kemi Ltd. for the hard work they have committed for the matter. The funding now granted increases faith of long-term development of the northern Finland’s economy and the logistic nodal points national security of supply included.

Port of Kemi Ltd. has prepared the financing application since autumn 2021. The application was filed in co-operation with Finnish Transport Infrastructure agency which is in charge of the dredging of the sea fairway of Kemi. Both applicants were consulted by Wega.

More information:

CEO of Port Of Kemi Ltd. Mr. Markku Rautio, +358 50 3693 095, +358 40 8441 350,

CFO of Port Of Kemi Ltd. Mr. Hannu Tikkala, +358 408344 953,


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