Permit conditions of access passes of Port of Kemi

Moving within the port area always requires an access permit in accordance of automatic access control. The access permit is admitted by Port of Kemi and the following conditions apply:

  • Port area driving permits, vehicle tags as well as person and bicycle gate tags are personal, or when issued to a company, company-specific.
  • A licensee of an access permit is responsible for the vehicle tag. If the tag is lost or damaged, a new tag can be received from the Ajos Gate Office by paying the current price of the tag. As of January 1st 2018, the current price for a vehicle tag is 70€, a person and bicycle gate tags 10€ and a vehicle tag for the Oil Harbor 120€.
  • The vehicle tag is attached to the windshield of the vehicle, and it must be visible at all times while moving within the port area.
  • The tag must be handled with care.
  • The designated parking spaces are to be used when possible.
  • When driving in the port area, the traffic rules and extra cautious must be followed.
  • In a vehicle with access permit, guests are not allowed to enter the port area without a visiting permit.
  • The port security has a right to check vehicles in the port area.
  • Violation of the permit conditions will lead to the termination of the permit.
  • The tag is returned to the Ajos Gate Office or to Harbor Office when the permit has expired or the employment or need for access permit has ended. The deposit for the identifier is returned to the customer in the cases mentioned above.
  • A faulty tag is replaced at the Ajos Gate Office.
  • An access permit can be revoked if monitoring has showed that there hasn’t been a need for the permit.