Port of Kemi Port of Veitsiluoto

lat. 65° 41'N, long. 24° 37'E

Port of Veitsiluoto is located in vicinity of the Stora Enso Veitsiluoto paper mill. The port is mainly used as the raw material port of the mill and among other materials raw timber and lime is imported to the port.

Port of Veitsiluoto operates mainly as import port for the Stora Enso Veitsiluoto mill. Small quantities of the products of the mill are also exported through the port.

The paper industry sets certain special requirements for the deliveries and and shipping, such as the reliability and accuracy of the operations. From Veitsiluoto, the products are easily delivered by road to port of Ajos and the rest of the world. Port of Veitsiluoto has good transportation connections also by rail, in train deliveries a rail connection to the government’s main rail of Kemi is used and the rail connection leads also to the gate of the Veitsiluoto mill and port of Ajos.

Port of Veitsiluoto has seven berths, three of which are storo-side and one storo berths. The port area is modern, well-lit and completely paved. The port also has plenty of storage space and a large area for shipping of chemicals used in manufacturing paper.

Location map of port of Veitsiluoto

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